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Wednesday, 11 July 2012


  1. Name two pre-sites in Kenya  (2 marks)
  2. Identify two remnants of southern cushites in Kenya ( 2 marks)
  3. List down two factors of trade unions during the colonial period  (2 marks)
  4. Name two Bantus communities whose ancestors settled in Mount Elgon before migration to their present homeland                                              (2 marks)
  5. State the main social function of the council of elders among the Somali.(1 mark)
  6. State two provision of the independence constitution of Kenya         (2 marks)
  7. State two terms of maasai agreement of 1911
  8. Who was the Abasuba                                                                         (1 marks)
  9. Name one important land mark that showed Portuguese presence in Kenya( 1 mark)
  10. Give one way in which Kenya constitution promotes national unity  (1mark)
  11. Identify the basis of classification of the indigenous people  in Kenya (1 mark)
  12. Give the main feature of the political movements in Kenya before 1939 (1 mark)
  13. Give the main difference between parliamentary and presidential democracy
  14. Name two independency school associations that managed independence school during the colonial period in Kenya    
  15. Why is the duty of government chief whip in Kenya’s parliament          (1 mark) 
  16. Identify one functional principals of the concept of  natural Justice        ( 1 mark)

Answer any three
17). (a)             what were the results of the settlement of the Luo in Kenya during the pre- colonial period   (5 marks)
b)            Describe the social organization of the Luo during the pre- colonial period (10 marks)
18.   (a) Name five early visitors to the coast of East Africa Before 1400 B.C   (10 Marks)
         (b) W hat were the effects of Indian Ocean trade on East Africa (10 Marks)
19. (a) Give reasons why the British colonial government encouraged Europeans to settle in Kenya by 1939 ( 3 marks)
      (b) Explain six effects of the construction of the Kenya Uganda Railway (12 marks)
20. (a) State five methods which were used by Africa nationalists in Kenya between 1945 and 1963

SECTION C        (30 MARKS)
21. (a) Identify three categories of people whose liberty is limited     ( 3 marks)
(b) Discuss six factors that ensure successful and peaceful resolutions of conflict. (12 marks)
22. (a) What were the main features of the independence constitution in Kenya  (9 marks)
      (b) Explain how a Kenya citizen can participate in democratization process
                  (6 marks)
23. (a) What is the composition of the executive arm of the government in Kenya
            (3 marks)
      (b) Describe six function of the civil service in Kenya         (12 marks)

  1. Give two meaning of the team Government (2 marks)
  2. How does geology as a source of information on history and government help historians (1 marks)
  3. Give two distinct stages of evolution according to Charles Darwin (2 marks)
  4. Give two places where the remain of Homo sapiens were found (2 marks)
  5. Name two rulers of Mesopotamia remarkable during early agriculture ( 2 marks)
  6. Give the source of historical information on the East Africa cost before the 7th century that point to the Persians domination of the Indian Oceans Trade
  7.  ( 2 marks)
  8. Name one education institution which resulted from the Trans Saharan trade in western Sudan                                             ( 2 marks)
  9. Why did the United Nations impose economic sanctions on South Africa during the  19th century          (1 mark)
  10. State the name of the River that served Johannesberg with fresh water in the 19th century          (1mark)
  11. What was the name given to the sub counties in Buganda Kingdom in the pre-colonial Africa
  12. State two functions of the Omannene among the Asante in the 19th century
  13. Name two enemies of Samouri Toure that cooperated with the  French against him      (2marks)
  14. State one type of nationalism in South Africa
  15. State two new war methods used in the First World  War
  16. Name one country of study in which students awarded commonwealth scholarship are supposed to undergo their studies
  17. State one main organ of the East African community (1967-1977)

18. (a)        List any three oral traditional sources on History and Government  (3 mks)
(b)        What are the disadvantages of using archaeology as a source of information on history and government?
19. (a)        State six factors which contributed to the development of agriculture In ancient Egypt (3 mks)
(b)       Explain six factors which have lead to inadequate food supply in Africa (12 mks)
20.(a)         State three functions of golden stool in the Asante Empire during the pre- colonial period (3 mks)
     (b)         What factors led to the rise of Asante Empire
21.(a)         State three ways in which Portugal benefited from Mozambique prior to 1900
  (b)        Discuss the African grievances in Mozambique that gave rise to nationalism against the Portuguese.                                      (6x2=12mks)

Answer only two
22.(a)         Give reasons why the USA entered the first world war 1917           (5 mks)
     (b)         Describe the economic results of the First World War (10 mks)
23.(a)         Name three countries which were members of the central power during the second world war (3 mks)
   (b)           Discuss the main functions of the commonwealth             (12mks)
24.(a)         Identify the main principles of the African union                (7 mks)
    (b)          Describe the main achievement of the pan-African movement since 1900.

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